13 Reasons Why

Thirteen tapes tell the story of Hannah Baker’s life. Thirteen tapes explain whys she died. And thirteen tapes must be passed on.

Whoever’s names are mentioned in the tapes must listen to each tape, and pass them on to the next person as is instructed in the first tape. If one of the thirteen people fails to do so, Hannah has left a second set of tapes which will be released for all to hear. This is something no one who is on the tapes would want to happen. Each of them have their own good reason for wanting the tapes to stay secret, and some of them will stop at nothing to keep it that way.

On said tapes are the deep dark secrets of each person who is destined to receive them, and now its Clay Jensen’s turn. Not knowing who to turn to or who to trust, Clay must find out what is on the tapes, and how he is involved in the death of Hannah Baker.

As he goes through the tapes and begins to see the experiences from Hannah’s point of view, Clay becomes determined to confront each person on the tapes, and learn if the secrets on the tapes are true.

However Clay eventually asks himself why a dead girl would lie, and goes from demanding the truth, to wanting revenge for the girl who so many of the people around him had helped to push further and further over the edge.

Even though it hurts him to hear the horrible things done to Hannah, Clay must continue listening before the guilt and fear of what he did to her drives him insane, or even worse before someone else gets hurt.

Find out what happens to Clay, and to Hanna by watching season one, which is now streaming on Netflix. With the help of executive producer, Selena Gomez, Thirteen episodes show the story of Jay Asher’s famous novel, 13 Reasons Why.