‘30 Reasons’ provides fun

Feature Editor

NWOSU Theatre’s performance of “30 Reasons Not to be in a Play” April 15 and 16 provided many reasons you’ll want to be at their next theater production.

This performance wouldn’t be considered high theater compared to some of the productions NWOSU Theatre has undertaken; however, it was undoubtedly a fun performance to watch. The cast members looked like they were having a fun time onstage; consequently, I had a great time in the audience.

From its creative opening sequence to its intriguing use of stage space, this production can be called nothing but unique.

The cast, adamant that you were NOT attending a play, listed 30 reasons one shouldn’t agree to be in a play. From the mundane excuses one might reasonably list, to the unfathomable excuses like igniting World War III or impacting the weather, the reasons not to be in a play get crazier and crazier. The satirical script is highly self-aware. Obviously plays are super fun; obviously the playwright wants you to audition for performances. This production mocks the crazy excuses given for not wanting to participate in theater.

The cast, as a whole, matched the high level of energy and melodrama needed for the performance. A few standouts from the large cast were Chance Mayhall, Tori Hurley, Michelle Penner, Taylor Morris, Trenton Judd, Michael Collins and Eddie Venegas.

Professor Kimberly Weast, the director of “30 Reasons Not to be in a Play,” did an excellent job in casting the roles. The actors were paired perfectly with monologues that suited their personalities. The actors, in turn, adapted to their characters quite well. Several of the actors were required to take on several parts, and they transitioned between them exceptionally. As a whole, the cast was cohesive, which can be quite difficult with a cast as large as this one.

The set and costuming, though simple, matched the laid-back production. Despite a lack of props and complex staging, the actors used the stage well.

The lighting and audio suited the production well also, and there were even some (mild) simulated pyrotechnics.

Overall, the production was fun and entertaining, and the cast, under the direction of Weast, did an excellent job. Given the space, I could easily provide 30 reasons this performance was a success.