4 C’s of a student athlete

By MEGAN MAHARRY, Staff Writer

Growing up, I played every sport I was able to play. It started with soccer at the age of 4, followed by softball, basketball, baseball and flag football for a couple of years. I even took a year of gymnastics in elementary school.

I have been an athlete all my life, and I am still pursuing my athletic career at NWOSU on the Lady Ranger’s soccer team.

In all my years of playing sports, I have learned a lot. Athletics has taught me much about myself, and has taught me a great deal of lessons that have helped shape the person I am today.

I believe athletics is an important part of someone’s life. Playing a sport and competing can be a good thing for people to engage in. I came up with 4 C’s of why I think athletics are so important, and how these 4 C’s have benefitted me.

To begin with, athletics teaches collaboration. Teamwork is a huge part of life. Everyone at some point will have to work with a partner or a large group of people. Being able to work as a team player is an essential skill needed in the work world.

Most sports require teamwork in order to win a game. Sports has taught me to work well with others. It is crucial in a game to be able to connect with your teammates. Being part of a team teaches collaboration and exposes you to different people.

Athletics teaches confidence. Confidence is a different term than cocky. Confidence is the ability to know your skill and put it to work. My coach hammers on us that confidence is key, and he is right. Being confident in yourself on the field can ultimately help you become confident in the things you do outside of athletics.

A huge part of playing a sport requires commitment. When an athlete commits to a team, it is their job to stay committed and give their team one-hundred and ten percent all the time.

As a student-athlete here at NWOSU, commitment is extremely important for me. Not only on the field, but in the classroom. I love playing soccer, but I must be just as committed to my school work as I am practice.

Student-athletes are very hard workers and have great time management skills. These skills are essential for working through college and practices, but also in life.

Finally, athletics teaches character. Playing sports teaches the thrill of winning and the pain of losing. It teaches self-control and sportsmanship. It allows athletes of all ages a chance to play the game they love, and gives them a break from anything else going on around them.

Athletics is a life building activity. Every sport I have played has taught me important life lessons and skills, and my soccer journey here at NWOSU continues to teach me.