A few reasons I whittle

By NICK VILLALOBOS, Editor in Chief

Reasons why I whittle

Some people watch TV, while some listen to music. Some people read books, while some watch movies. Some stay busy during the daylight, while some work till the wee hours of the night.

Ah, what am I saying? I’ve done all those things to spend a typical Saturday here in Alva. One activity that I do as well, which is quite odd for someone my age and classification here in college to do, is whittle on sticks with my pocket knife.

It sounds weird, I know, even as I’m typing this, I see how weird it sounds that a person as involved as I am here on campus occasionally picks up a stick, pulls out his pocket knife and just starts carving away. Before the judgments set into your minds though, understand why I do it.

When it comes to whittling, I can honestly say it’s been an activity I’ve done since I was a wee little pup [or little kid for those who have no idea what that means.]

One reason I whittle is because 11 years ago, while on a church campout with the Royal Ranger ministry [the ministry I help lead back home in Oologah,] I discovered that picking up a stick and carving on it provides a great and relatively safe way to pass the time between the various competitions and praise and worship services.

I say relatively because, well, I have occasionally missed the piece of wood and hit my finger.

Another reason I whittle is because it allows me to tap into my creative side. For many years now, I have been interested in sculpting. I took sculpture in high school, and during the class, I was able to make some pretty cool things, some of which included a ceramic dog, a foot-in-a-half in diameter Styrofoam cup golf ball and a melted cup mobile.

During all the years whittling however, I have made some pretty unique things also. For instance, I once took a four foot long tree sapling and made it into a shepherd’s cane. It had the curve in it and everything. I have also made a ship and a sheath knife too but those weren’t the best projects.

The next reason I whittle is because I have always had this dream of being wood turner when I grow to be an old man and I need a hobby. I have watched one show called Woodturning Workshop on a local station back home since I was a little kid and seeing the guy on there make cool bowls and cups out of full logs and various blocks of wood with his wood lathe was just fascinating to me.

The final reason I whittle is because it’s relaxing and allows me to clear my head. The days can get to be long here in college and by taking a break from all the stresses of this world, I help myself refocus on what’s important and prevent myself from developing gray hair and wrinkles at the age of 21.