‘AHS’ Cult season 7

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American Horror Story: Cult has officially started, and it stays true to the political theme that show creator, Ryan Murphy, has promised. It has all of its usual jump scares and creepy undertones that keep you in a stage of suspense throughout the entirety of the episode. Many have said that the scariest moment had to be reliving election night.

The scene perfectly showed how many voters reacted when Mr. Trump, at the time, was announced as President of the United States. From fear to rage, from victory over defeat, it symbolized what the people went through on that memorable night. It was also very smart to not point all of the focus on the actual election, but on the aftermath, which has lead to many more unforgettable events that will go down in history.

As always, Evan Peters brings his A-game to his newest character Kai, who is without a doubt one of, if not the, darkest character in the season. Many love to see him back, but find it very hard to root for him, which means he’s doing something right.

Sarah Paulsen, another American Horror Story stalwart, is back in action as Molly, a woman who suffers from chronic phobias that have already started playing a role in where her character will be heading this season.

There are so many twists and turns that beg for answers to unanswered questions. What is the role of the clowns?

Are they a figment of someone’s imagination, or are they out to make people crazy? Is there another purpose to them that has yet to be revealed? What part does Twisty, a murderous clown brought back to life in the form of a comic book, have to play this season?

The most important question of all though is simple. What does Cult have planned for us next? Fans from the beginning are dying for more, and more they shall get as the next episode returns.