It’s almost fall – yippee!


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It’s September now, so everyone knows what’s coming around the corner. The fall.

The fall is Halloween, colder weather, Thanksgiving and pure happiness. The summer is over. It was fun. Maybe you traveled, maybe you got a new hairstyle, maybe you lost weight and even if you spent every day working, you have changed.

Everything about you is new and you just can’t wait for classes to start so you can tell all your college friends about what you’ve been up to. Or, if you’re an incoming freshman, you can’t wait for new friends and new adventures. The fall semester is a big beautiful mural of new possibilities and your mind should be open to all you’re going to learn in the next couple months. It’s your future being poured out in front of you, everywhere you look! You’re taking a class that you didn’t think you would enjoy but you do and that opens doors to so many possible careers post-graduation. The leaves are changing in the trees and you know that you’re changing too, mentally and emotionally, soon the leaves die, but they always grow back, they’ll be okay and so will you.

You meet people that can make such an impact on you, even if you’ve only known them a couple of weeks. The temperature is at that perfect spot, not too cold, not too hot. Oh, and don’t forget… PUMPKIN SPICE EVERYTHING! That’s it. That’s really the only reason I’m writing this article because pumpkin spice is that great.

Just kidding, but really, the fall is so fun! Maybe right now, getting back into the swing of things is tough, I know, trust me, but you’ll be okay, you know how I know? Because in the fall everyone is in a better mood, for the reasons I just stated above, I hope you decide to join the “I just want everyday to be fall” club.

Spring is stupid; you only have barely a month to relax prior. You come back and you’re ready for the semester to be over by the end of syllabus day, if someone else wants to give me a reason why spring is better than you can write a story on it. But I doubt it will be this good.