AMC thriller Season 7 continues to impress

By NICK VILLALOBOS, Editor in Chief

In the latest episode of AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead,’ there were moments of just about every emotion.

Group members reunited with one another, conflicts of both the internal and external form occurred and a new group was introduced.

Instead of keeping it a vague description of how the episode went down on Sunday, here are 10 highlights of episode 710: ‘New Best Friends.’


  • Tensions build between King Ezekiel and the Saviors upon another delivery of goods at the drop off point.
  • Morgan loses his fighting stick to the hands of a Savior as a result of the scuffle at the drop off point.
  • Daryl and Richard get into a scuffle after Daryl finds out about Carol still living close to the Kingdom.
  • Rick and company get introduced to a new group called The Scavengers, led by a rather strange person known as Jadis.
  • Father Gabriel turns up alive [and not a traitor] at the hands of The Scavengers.
  • Rick fights and kills one of the coolest walkers in the show’s seven seasons and then strikes a deal with The Scavengers that would give Rick more numbers in his march toward war against the Saviors if the deal is completed.
  • Daryl and Carol have a tear-filled reuniting.
  • Daryl lies to Carol about any of the people being hurt by the Saviors during Carol’s absence so to spare her from joining in on the fight.
  • Daryl is confronted by Morgan after returning from his visit with Carol and then shares a touching moment with King Ezekiel’s pet tiger, Shiva.
  • Daryl departs for the Hilltop Colony after his brief stay at the Kingdom.