Athletes sponsor on campus registration

By KATEY LACKEY, Staff Reporter

The presidential election is Nov. 8, and the Northwestern softball team is offering a chance to get registered.

The softball team will be at the student center from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. every Wednesday helping students get registered to vote up until Oct. 12.

Audrey Estes, a junior majoring in biology, said a lot of the students turning down the opportunity to register are just out of state, which makes it difficult to get them registered.

For out of state students, they can register online using a link that the softball team will provide.  They can fill out the information online then print it out and send it into their county voting office.

If students fill out all their information at the student center though, the softball team will take it to the voting office.

“It encourages people to vote,” Estes said, “and actually be a part of their government.”

Charlie Zeilman, head softball coach, pushed for the athletes to be more involved and connected with their community, said Ashlye Pool, the softball student assistant. Pool said the team actually has about 7 different community service activities lined up for the team to participate in. Pool will be at the student center every Wednesday, while the other team members will circulate.

Pool said there have been a surprising number of students who are actually already registered to vote.

“It helps spread the word and builds citizenship,” Pool said. “I love building the connections with the community, and working with different people from the university to get the word out.”

For softball, we are able to be a member off the field also, Pool said.

The word register is almost intimidating, like it is a huge process, but really it only takes about five minutes to fill out the paper, Pool said.

A driver’s license is the only thing needed to register at the Student Center.