Battle of the Bachelors


Bachelor No. 1

A Jesus-loving, soft spoken, passionate leader straight out of Oologah, Okla., Nick Villalobos is looking for the woman of his dreams right here in Alva.

An interest in the mass communications program brought him to Alva, and a future in sports journalism is what he hopes takes him out, hopefully with a good ol’ Northwestern Oklahoma gal on his hip.

Villalobos enjoys watching sports and playing golf in his free time, but because of his lack of free time, he mostly spends his time dreaming of the day when he finds his Ranger queen. He is the editor-in-chief for the Northwestern News, so being in charge is definitely one of his strong suits.

An active member at the New Song Church in Alva, he’s that perfect blend of take charge and get what he wants and laid back and relax under the direction of the good Lord above. You may see Villalobos strutting around campus with his long dark hair and bushy caveman-like beard, but don’t let his rough looks fool you, when he opens up that mouth located deep within the hair of his famous beard, his soft, kind voice is sure to melt any Ranger girl’s heart.

A Walking Dead addict, any girl willing to spend her Sunday night trying to figure out what’s happening next during the action-packed AMC thriller is the right girl for him. Villalobos also enjoys watching any movie, so you know a night in with him won’t be filled with boring sappy love movies.

Standing at 6 feet 2 inches tall, with a thin yet sculpted frame, Villalobos has the physical stature that would make any potential suitor feel just as protected as they could ever dream.

So any woman looking for that good ol’ take home to your dad kind of guy, go ahead and hit up Nick Villalobos. Most likely, you’ll find him in the Northwestern newsroom located in the Jesse Dunn building, chewing out his editors for not providing opinion articles for the weekly newspaper.

Bachelor No. 2

Every woman loves an accent, but a guy with an accent and a motorcycle? Game changer.

Osamu Sakamoto is your typical Japanese bad boy with his thick accent and slick cruising motorcycle. It’s going to take a special lady to tie down this ball of Japanese wild man. All the way from Tokyo, Japan, this future nurse is all a lady can handle and more.

An artistic genius with his photography skills that could match any Hollywood paparazzi, man or woman, and his murals of his American dream woman line the walls of his dorm room. The sound of his motorcycle roaring through campus can make any girl’s head turn, but once you lay your eyes on the five foot five inches of solid muscle he possesses, girls will be taking each other out trying to get a piece of him.

Constantly working in the Wellness Center on his fitness, if you’re a girl ready for some relationship goals, work out selfies with him are sure to follow.

A ride to the Welly on his bike, a workout that the Japanese powerlifting team has been rumored to use and then a photo shoot of all the gains earned in the gym is sure to be expected.

Now meeting Sakamoto’s parents could be a little bit of an issue, but don’t let his bad-boy image scare you away from introducing him to your folks. Coming from a nation that prides themselves on respect, he knows exactly the tricks needed to fool them into believing he’s an innocent foreign exchange student.

Sakamoto’s artistic abilities are also expressed through his well-known cooking skills. Any lady that can turn down a home-cooked Japanese cuisine might not be the woman for him.

Now with his bad-boy tendencies, Sakamoto has been known to get into a little mischief. A minor motorcycle accident and a practical joke on editor-and-chief Nick Villalobos has previously landed him in some hot water, but who doesn’t love a little excitement in their life.

A foreign, artistic daredevil may just sound too good to be true, but wake up ladies, you’re not dreaming. He’s right here on Alva soil, Mr. Osamu Sakamoto.

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Hurry up though, because with two eligible bachelors like Nick and Osamu, the feud between the two might just boil over!

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