‘Beauty and The Beast’

Words cannot describe how amazing it was to watch the new Beauty and the Beast in 3d. The movie had everything, from romance to action, and even some humor.

I’m not typically a fan of remakes, but each character was played by an actor or actress perfect for the role. All the characters were well played, and LeFou as played by Josh Gad turned out to be one of my favorite characters.

The problem with remakes is that usually the small seemingly insignificant parts get taken out, which actually has a huge effect on the movies overall performance. In this remake however, the characters and musical numbers stayed true to the original version.

With some added comedy, and a slight twist in the storyline this was a beautifully spun tale of learning to see the beauty in others. I was pleasantly surprised by the bits of comedy that were added into the movie. I grew up watching the original Beauty and the Beast, and I never would have thought there was a way to make it better, but the added comedy definitely did.

It isn’t easy taking an animated movie and making it unanimated without ruining the effect of the movie, but the director of Beauty and the Beast pulled this off beautifully. With only a slight variation in the story line, Disney was able to bring the magic of the animated version to this unanimated one.

While there were a few differences between the original Beauty and the Beast and this newest version, these changes only succeeded in making the movie better. Going into the movie theater I remembered watching the harry potter movies and I was concerned Emma Watson wouldn’t be a good actor to cast in the role of Belle, but I am happy to say I was proven wrong.