Columnist: Don’t be oblivious; be informed


chris teaserNowadays, conforming to the status quo to be deemed “cool” is unprecedented.

Millenials tend to dwell on what is ephemeral at the expense of the imperative. For instance, an individual could get viral within a short period of time based on an uninformed hash tag campaign on #Saynotosodiumchloride with the accompanying words, sign the petition.

As uninformed and ridiculous as this campaign may be due to the fact that sodium chloride is common salt which provides iodine, an essential nutrient, millions of folks jump onto the bandwagon. In a period where knowledge is easy to access, generation Y would rather be predisposed to what’s trending on fashion, social media memes and opinions of their role models.

Placing fashion and technology in the limelight without any biases, it can be observed that the evolution in these areas has been cyclical. There was a period of time where it was preferable to wear loose clothing and possess humongous cell phones and that changed to slim fit clothes and lighter phones. This has been the pattern but individuals, nonetheless, stick to it.

Another concern is when, for example, music or movie role models offer their take on health, politics and other controversial societal issues and the “selfie” generation complies. I’m not insinuating being old school or excluding myself from all these. There is a need for discussion where probable remedies could be offered in my opinion. Here’s my take on altering this plight:

To begin, there is a need to be goal oriented. Working towards a goal aids in lessening the impact of the distractions. If one does not have an aim, he or she is prone to whatever that is happening around. Partying four times a week and going to class one day only because you’re emulating a role model would not help you to achieve your ambitions.

Am I against “turning up”? Certainly not! I’m just saying a goal without a plan is a wish. Maybe Bill Gates or Steve Jobs might be your motivation for considering dropping out of school should it not go well based on your choices. Well, they provided solutions to societal needs so you should have in mind what to contribute else the story would not have the same ending. Just saying!

Being informed or taking advantage of the plethora of information available hones and enhances a person’s way of life. I watched the Martin Luther King Day edition of the Jimmy Kimmel show and was flabbergasted at the level of ignorance of some folks. Kimmel went about asking what people thought of Dr. King endorsing Donald Trump for president and the answers were hilarious and preposterous.

A lady even claimed that her brother had seen Malcolm X and MLK play golf together. Really? It’s funny but equally pathetic as well. Let’s aim to gain knowledge in all areas of life so we don’t fall to misguided or delusional opinions like vaccinating kids lead to autism.