D.K. Combs’ Captive


Everyone knows the story of the girl who walks in on her cheating boyfriend, but in Captive by D.K. Combs the story takes an interesting twist. While on a cruise which was meant to be a trip with her boyfriend, Mari, who ends up boarding the boat alone, finds out that the real reason her boyfriend can’t come on the cruise with her is because he is busy. Not busy with work, oh no he is busy with another woman.

Shocked and heart broken by the sudden slap in the face that her life has abruptly hit her with, Mari is determined to move on and not waste the rest of her life. However, her sunk relationship is the least of her worries when suddenly she realizes she is on a sinking ship and the rest of her life may not be very long.

When Mari woke up after miraculously surviving the ship wreck, she never could have imagined how much her life was about to change. Waking up in a cave leaves Mari dazed and confused. Upon further examination of the cave she happens upon Ambrose.

Ambrose is a male cursed by his enemy to live out his life trapped and tortured in the cave, after making a mistake he dearly regretted. Immediately Mari feels a sense of attraction towards him but feels freaked out by the mermaid tail that he wears.

Believing that he is either an actor or that she is actually dead, Mari decides to play along with the supposed merman. However, after noticing how much pain Ambrose is in she quickly forgets her distrust and grows determined to help him escape. But Ambrose has other plans for Mari, for if he is to escape there is no way he can bring himself to leave her to take his place in the cave that has been his prison.

Determined to save her, as she had done for him, from the same torturous fate he had experienced, Ambrose knows there’s only one way out of the cave. More importantly he knows that a human Mari cannot survive under water long enough for her to escape with her life.