Desirable vacation getaways

By SAMI McGUIRE, Staff Writer

It is the week most college students wait for all year. Students go to beaches to swim and go to mountains to ski.

According to Travel Channel, some of the top spots for spring break are Cancun, Mexico, Panama City Beach, Florida, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, and South Padre Island, Texas.

Most Northwestern students don’t have plans quite this extravagant. Many students are spending spring break at home or in Alva working.

Elli Price, a senior, is one Northwestern student that really takes advantage of the spring break week. Price and Ty Batie, a senior, are going to Key Largo, Florida, for the third year together. Batie has family there so it is more a relaxing spring break than a partying one. “We do a lot of fishing, snorkeling and scuba diving,” Price said.

Another Northwestern student isn’t going anywhere tropical, but instead to Colorado to go skiing. Ashton Baggs, a sophomore, is going to Durango, Colorado with a group of friends.

“We decided to go there because it is fairly close to here,” Baggs said, “and we wanted to go to the mountains.”

Unlike Price, this is Baggs first spring break trip. “I’m excited to go somewhere and try something new for spring break,” Baggs said.

Although Northwestern has few students heading on actual spring break trips there are many with aspirations for future spring breaks.

Kennedy Jewell, a sophomore, said “My dream spring break would probably be going to a quiet beach with family, and lying on my butt the whole time.”

Catherine Goris is another student who has dreams of a perfect spring break, she said “I would want to go to Arizona and go hiking through the Grand Canyon.”