‘The Face on the Milk Carton’ Book Review

By DEITRA WEDD, Staff Writer

Caroline B. Cooney wrote a piece of art when she wrote the face on the milk carton series.

With many twist and turns, the ending of the first book will leave readers craving more. With a great setting and plenty of emotions she pulls readers in with her words. All the characters are fun and quirky leading them to be very likable.

The face on the milk carton is a story written by Caroline B. Cooney, about a young girl who discovers her face on a milk carton. After finding her face on the milk carton Janie struggles with the realization that her parents may not be who she thinks they are, and may not even be her parents. How do you tell your parents, the people you’ve grown up loving, that you think they aren’t your parents, and based off the missing child’s photo on the milk carton you believe they might have kidnapped you? Janie must figure out the answers before curiosity and the feelings of betrayal drive her mad. With the help of her best friend, who she may or may not be falling for, Janie’s upturned life, while difficult to navigate, may not be so bad.