Fast, healthy meal ideas

Student Reporter

Cure the busy all day class-to-class hunger with these on the go protein-packed healthy snacks.

It’s no secret that students are busy. Most are too bothered to pack their own meals and would rather just go pick up some fast food in-between class; but it doesn’t have to be that way. Packing quick and easy healthy snacks that are perfect for the average busy on the go college student is simple; you just have to know what to eat.

Tuna packets are a great source of protein that can slip right into a backpack and be taken out in between classes for a quick and healthy meal. A good old-fashioned protein shake is also a solid meal replacement for students who don’t want to keep heading to the drive-thru for lunch.

Beef jerky is another meal alternative. Not only is beef jerky packed with protein, but for meat lovers it has great smoky taste  while maintaining it’s easily storable size in a backpack. Eating more jerky for a full meal can provide all the protein needed for one day.

Another quick on the go meal is a protein bar.  Protein bars are basically a healthy chocolate bar packed with vitamins and nutrients. After all, who doesn’t love a chocolate bar? These delicious bars a no brainer for a healthy meal on the go, especially for those with a sweet tooth.

Understanding that eating healthy doesn’t take much effort and is actually ideal for quick and easy meals can take the unneeded stress of eating off students. Preparing these little meals ahead of time can allow for a student to skip the cafeteria every now and then and indulge in something that isn’t filled with grease.

Grab a tuna packet, a protein bar, a protein shake, or even some beef jerky for a quick easy meal in between class, and say no to the drive-thru.