Grandmothers inspiration leads to first

By TAYLOR MORRIS, Student Reporter

Last Tuesday, senior actor and artist of Northwestern Mickey Jordan joyfully discovered his painting won first place of the painting: other objects category in the art competition held here on campus.

His piece is called “Better Homes and Wisdom” and his deceased grandmother was his inspiration. Jordan said the subject of the painting was his grandmother’s 1946 Hamilton Beach mixer with a vintage tablecloth and cookbooks that she owned.

In the left corner of Jordan’s painting is a note that his grandmother wrote for him when she was dying in the hospital.

According to Jordan, it was a piece of advice, which was, “Do Good, and Good will happen.” It is Jordan’s hope that his painting gives people a sense of optimism.

“The bright colors and warmth of the painting are a portrait of my grandmother’s love. She was one of thousands of women who dedicated their lives to being homemakers,” Jordan said. “Armed with her mixer, and Betterhomes and Gardens cookbook she found the recipe for a good life.”

According to Jordan, his mother did a lot of painting when he was young and he learned from her and just kept at it.  In fact, he turned into a living as a scenic painter.

“Art is the highest for of hope,” Jordan said.

Jordan was a little nervous and little excited to enter is work into the art competition; however, according to him, everyone is a critic and at the end of the day your brushstrokes tell the story. That is why he urges all students who maybe hesitant to enter their work in the art competition to just go for it.

“If it’s a piece you’ve worked hard on submit it. If you don’t win don’t be discouraged, create again and share,” Jordan said.