‘The Lego batman Movie’

By DEITRA WEDD, Staff Writer


Unless done correctly it can be difficult to make audience members feel bad for the bad guy. I would say The Lego Batman Movie pulled this off nicely though, so for that I think the movie was very well produced.

This is one of those movies that viewers will either love or hate. While The Lego Batman Movie did have some comedy in it I had mixed feeling about it. During the beginning I was torn between liking what I was watching and hating it.

For the most part the comedy was the “that is so dumb that it’s actually a little bit entertaining” variety of comedic relief. I enjoyed some of the quotes used in the comedy scenes.

Some of the comedy parts were defiantly able to make me smile, but nothing more than that. On the other hand the story line is actually really good.

For every super hero a villain is needed. The Lego Batman Movie shows this to its audience, by giving an interesting take on the hero versus villain relationship.

To be a hero one must first have a villain to fight, because without the Joker and his other enemies Batman wouldn’t have anyone to fight. Without someone to fight, the city would no longer need batman. If he was not needed he would have to find a new way to spend his time.

In this movie Batman, must go on a journey to find a way to defeat his enemies once and for all but more importantly to conquer his biggest fear.

He must learn to work as a team to defeat the villains that are trying to destroy the city this time, and to learn that even though he is the hero that does not make him the good guy.

The final lesson he must learn is that sometimes the best way to conquer ones enemies is to smile and admit that you hate them.