‘Lethal Weapon’ Season two is a hit or miss

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Lethal Weapon’s second season has officially started, and aside from notable deaths, not much has changed. Explosive spectacles with action packed gunfights and quick getaways that prove to be the stalwart of the show.

The season opener shows that it will not be changing anytime soon. The action is part of what makes the show great, and thus far, it is on point, although the camera work can be better. The comedy, as always, is hit or miss, but the chemistry between the core cast is evident as the series chugs on.

One slight complaint from certain viewers is the unrealistic relationship between Roger Murtaugh and his children, who seem to have the upper hand against him more often than not, painting his character in a way that makes him the bumbling      Dad that does not know which way is up.

On the plus side, the stories for the two main characters, Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh, appear to be moving forward. Riggs is finally leaving his past behind and moving on with his life. Meanwhile, Murtaugh finds himself at odds with his family in ways that he never thought possible before, as a man who is facing the choice of being with his family, or looking after his partner.

It’s oddly compelling, particularly for the portion of the audience who have never seen the movies that the show is based on. Kudos to Clayne Crawford who has done a stellar job with the character of Martin Riggs, along with Damon Wayans who plays the grizzled veteran, trying to keep his family together.

It was a solid season opener, and now one has to wonder where the show will go from here, especially after the preview for next week’s episode. Is Riggs okay? What is going to happen to Murtaugh, and will it involve his family? Most importantly, what will the two outlandish partners do now that their safety blanket in the form of the city attorney is gone? Stay tuned.