Live selfless, not selfish

By HAYLEE BATES, Student Writer

As a society I believe that we’ve become so self-centered that we miss out on the things that truly matter in life.

We continuously push ourselves thinking that the next milestone we overcome will make us happy. We think that a good grade in a tough class will make us happy. We try to convince ourselves that making more money will make us happy. We become consumed with the thought that buying material things will bring us lasting joy. The truth is those are huge lies that we all buy into at some point.

We become so focused on bettering ourselves and reaching the next level that we miss the important things in life. We fail to appreciate the time we’re given here on earth, the individuals that we’re blessed to have in our lives and the moments we’ve been fortunate enough to experience.

In our drive for success, we can belittle others or deprive them of chances as we seek our own. We aren’t given a life to live and then die; we’re given a life and a purpose to fulfill. I don’t believe that we were given a life to take advantage of others so we can be on top.

We should take more time to appreciate the individuals in our lives and the things we have. Being appreciative can be seen as a sign of weakness, but in actuality it’s a sign of contentment and happiness with the state you’re in at this moment. We need to stop worrying so much about our own success, and we need to spend more time being appreciative of others and the things we already have in life.

I believe there are four ways to change a self-centered mindset:

  1. Develop a relationship with God that can’t be altered by this world. The root of having a happy life is knowing where life comes from and who the provider is. With God at our foundation, our life is no longer centered on ourselves. It starts to become centered on God, and in return, God will point us toward loving others and building them up.
  2. Spend more time with those you love. You never know when you won’t have the opportunity to see them again. Life is short, and it only gets shorter if you fail to embrace the time you’re given. Tell those who matter most to you that you love them often.
  3. Become content with the things you have in life. Be happy with the blessings you’re given. Happiness is a choice, and choosing to be happy may be one of the best decisions you ever make.
  4. Embrace the moments you’re given. We are all given a life to live, so make sure you are living it to the fullest. Hanging on to the moments that brought a smile to your face can make you appreciate things even more. You should always try to have a positive outlook on things.

We all could spend a little less time thinking about ourselves, and spend it thinking about others. The time we spend building others up and appreciating the things we have is never wasted time.