Looking back at eventful time

By NICK VILLALOBOS, Editor in Chief

This past weekend was one I will not soon forget.

It was loaded with moments of the Father above’s good works, and it all started on Friday.

I ran into a scheduling dilemma on Friday afternoon that led me to believe I would have to cancel my plans and work a baseball game instead. Thanks to Him above though, I didn’t have to cancel them after all, and I did get to go enjoy the evening with a few of my closest friends.

We bowled the night away, and after last week’s craziness with meetings, classes, homework and all the other things that causes the usual stress, every time we hurled those bowling balls at the pins down at the end of the lane, all that stress slowly faded from us.

We laughed hard that night, and by the end of Friday’s festivities, we were all pretty relieved that we could all come together and spend the evening with one another.

Then on Saturday, it was another day of adventure as a group of us from the BCM departed for Winter Jam in Oklahoma City that evening.

After the long drive, and another act from Him above, we got to the Chesapeake Energy Arena where we met up with my friend Rachel and her sister Courtney.

Thanks to those two, as well the Father above, we were able get seats down on the floor for the concert, right next to the center stage.

When the concert kicked off, it was absolutely awesome.

All of us in that arena worshipped the Father together and from my perspective, there’s not a more beautiful sight than that of thousands of God’s people in one place lifting their hands, praising God. It was truly a remarkable evening, and one that was so deeply needed.

Finally, to end the weekend, I couldn’t think of a better way of doing that then by watching the season 7 finale of the AMC thriller, ‘The Walking Dead.’ After watching it, I am considering it as the best finale of any TV show all-time.