Marvels ‘Inhumans’ is worth the watch

brooke tagline      Marvel’s new show “Inhumans” has just arrivewd, and while it doesn’t live up to the hype proceeding it’s arrival, it’s not necessarily a bad show either.

Yes, there are some flaws that need to be addressed, but there are many positives that will help the show in the long run. Starting with the flaws, it starts off with a story line that would have been better suited for a season finale with a slow burn leading towards it. It didn’t give us a chance to start caring about the characters before the twist happened, and now the characters are all over the place.

With that, it did give us multiple brief moments of comedy that worked incredibly well with the characters. The fight sequences are definitely hit or miss, with one miss in particular being Medusa’s fight scene. Being true to her name, her inhuman ability is to have control over her hair and use it in snake-like motions, such as the Greek figure that her ability is based off of.

That being said, so much more could have been done with the fight sequence. The CGI is better than the first trailer, but still needs brushing up in certain places.

A positive for the show is that the core cast is fantastic, and the chemistry is apparent. Anson Mount is amazing and hilarious as Black Bolt, and Iwan Rheon is stellar as always with sympathetic villain Maximus. The comedy works very well, and the action sequences are good when done right.

The biggest change the show has made from the comics to the TV show is in Maximus himself, and it totally works. The character created is not your atypical villain, but a revolutionary, that has been casted out and ridiculed for the majority of his life. Despite his vulnerabilities, he has somehow managed to have the ear of the people, and bring other inhumans to his side of thinking.

In addition, Lockjaw, the teleporting dog, has stolen the show from the core cast, and that is nothing against them. Lockjaw is an amazing, cute and a giant. Nothing tops that.

It is not a bad show by any means, and is definitely worth the watch. Stay tuned for upcoming episodes.