‘Mindhunter’ is a definite letdown

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Mindhunter is one of the newest Netflix original shows, and it perfectly encapsulates the dark, suspenseful tone recently established from the first trailer. It is based off the book that was published in the 90’s that was used by the FBI in order to help profile serial murders. In ways, it does feel like reading from a textbook as the technical jargon is spewed and doesn’t get explained often, if at all. Some of the episodes are a bit long winded, particularly in the first two as the pieces are starting to be set as it explains the characters, their motivations, certain events that have transpired, and what the ultimate goal is. At points, the main characters get very annoying, in particular Holden Ford’s character who appears emotionless, yet has a very empathic nature when it comes the people he’s interested in. The moment he no longer finds a person interesting, he doesn’t care and moves on. The women don’t get a lot of screen time, and it’s truly a shame as they are some of the best parts of the show.

What makes Mindhunter work is simple, conversations with serial killers. This was the biggest draw of the show, delving into the minds of serial killers that we the people have been wondering about for years. To see inside their heads as they talk about their lives, what led to them committing vile acts, and the crimes that they were imprisoned for was easily the highlights for every episode. Another highlight is when Ford, and his partner Bill Tench, put their newfound knowledge acquired from the killers in order to solve murders. Sadly, even with the mystery and the eventual conclusion of the murders that happened during the episodes, there are still not enough conversations with serial killers, and it’s definitely a letdown. There are rumors for a second season, so hopefully the showrunners will rectify their decision.