Until next time Rangers

This semester we at the Northwestern News took a few big leaps in improving this paper for you.

We have incorporated the idea of weekly editorial section titled ‘Let’s Talk,’ as well as the use of crosswords, cartoons and as of recently, quote and feature photos of the week.

We have also included more interesting stories that were accompanied with graphics and photos.

We have given the paper a minor face lift with the new nameplate and front page design also.

Along with that, we have also tried to incorporate more interaction with you through the use of polls and other question and answer sections also.

Our vision this semester for the Northwestern News was to craft a quality newspaper through the use of hard work, determination, perseverance and a news team, and after 14 papers, we hope we managed to do just that for you.

Now we are aware that we did encounter a few obstacles and mistakes throughout the semester, but at no point did we cower or quit in our efforts of achieving our mission.

We hope that you all enjoyed the new creative things that we put into the paper this semester. We spent many hours and a lot of sleepless nights trying to get this paper to the best quality for you all.

We as a news team are both sad and happy that end of the semester is here.

We are sad because we don’t get to continue to provide the news to you all over the summer and because we lose some of the members of our news team due to graduation (Natalie Sacket, Charles Boldes, Jordan Evans) or just another degree field (Osamu Sakamoto.)

We are happy because we know we will get a longer chance to look for more fun, unique and innovative elements to put into the paper this fall for you.

For the news team members returning, we will be applying what we’ve learned from our summer internships to this paper as well as any other idea that we come across during the entirety of the summer.

Then with the new faces joining us in the fall, we are looking forward to their new ideas as well.

Also to our reporters who spent their time helping us in getting articles finished, we are grateful to have every one of you with us an without you, no way would we have been able to get anywhere close to what we did each week in each paper.

To wrap this all up though, we at the Northwestern News were humbled for the opportunity to spread the news to you each week of this semester.

We loved the feedback and interactions that we received from you on our efforts with the newspaper.

We also thank you for continuing to tune into what we published each week.

This fall we look forward to continuing our innovative efforts for you and also striving to fulfill our vision each week.