Northwestern employees help students succeed

By HAYLEE BATES, Student Reporter

Photo by Nick
Photo by Nick

Coming to college can be a hard transition for students, so Northwestern tries to help make the transition from high school to college easier.

One way that Northwestern does that is by hiring employees that are available to help students succeed. Bailey Trammell, director of student success and counseling, is an employee of the university that offers a wide range of services to help students adjust to the college atmosphere.

One student that Trammell has impacted is Tyler Havener, freshman criminal justice major.

“She was there for me when I did not know what to do with enrollment because I am a first generation college student,” Havener said. “She is always there for you and willing to do whatever it takes to make your college experience the best it could possibly be.”

Trammell enjoys being able to help the students that she encounters on a daily basis, whether that be inside of or outside of the classroom.

“I love that I can build a relationship with a student just based off of building a schedule and they’ll always stop in to say hi,” Trammell said. “Because I’m a professor too, I’ve just been able to build all these different types of relationships from advising to counseling to teaching. It’s very rewarding knowing that I’m helping them succeed while they’re in college.”

Students can receive academic advice from Trammell. She is available to help students that may be struggling with a number of different things, whether that is with the stress that accompanies college or helping students with enrollment difficulties.

“Just relax and do not be scared to go and ask for help if you need it,” Havener said.

Students can also receive counseling from Trammell. She is able to help students through a number of different situations that they may face, and her counseling services are confidential.

For any students interested in receiving counseling or academic help, they can email Baily Trammell at or call her at (580) 327-8547. Students can also visit her office in Fine Arts Rm. 125.