We do not deserve a dog’s unconditional love

By SAVANNAH TILLMAN, Feature EditorIMG_3970

According to Google, the average lifespan of a human is 79 years. We get 79 years to grow, not only physically but mentally as well. In that period, we figure out what love is and choose who we fall in love with. We get close to eight decades to figure out the importance life. Well what if that 79 years was cut down to 13? For dogs, 10-13 years is their average lifespan. However, what takes us a lifetime to realize, they have known since they took their first breath.

Dogs are the most selfless and loyal creatures. They spend their whole day, when we are away, waiting for us to come home just so they can give us some slobbery kisses and cuddles. Even after we get so wrapped up in our day-to-day lives, they are always there to show us it’s going to be all right with their kind and gentle eyes.

Any dog owner knows, that our fur babies trust us with their lives. They rely on us to give them a good home, food, water and loving attention. On-the-other-hand we trust them to protect us and be there when we need them. They will put themselves in harms-way just insure our protection, from strangers, or simply bark at a leaf, to show it who is boss.

Our dogs are the shoulder we lean on and ears when we need to vent. If you have had a bad day at work, they allow you to say a few choice words and they don’t judge. Or even when you begin crying uncontrollably watching Titanic, for the hundredth time, because Rose let Jack freeze to death, your dog licks up your tears and brings a smile to your face.

We don’t deserve the unconditional love that dogs give us. They give us their support and all they ask in return is affirmation, treats and belly rubs. Whether you have had them long or the relationship is new, dogs loves us for everything we are and everything we are not. They bring us light in the darkest of days and laughter in the dreariest of moments. They may only be in our lives for just a short time but we are their entire world. They are blessings from above and teach us what love truly is.