NWOSU students spend time studying for finals

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Well, here we are again. It is officially that time of the year. Thanksgiving has passed, graduation is this Sunday and finals start on Tuesday, December 12.

Whether you choose to ignore them, or plan for them the entire semester, there is no denying that finals are a big part of the academic year for most college students. Some students have come up with some different tricks to help them while preparing for these final exams.

Emma Reed, a junior here at Northwestern studying Social work finds that her best way to prepare for finals is to manage her time wisely. “I like to study in half hour intervals so I do not get overwhelmed or too stressed out” Reed said.

“Prioritize for sure.” Said Sierra McKinnon, a senior studying Psychology. “Prioritize your time. Also it is best to know the style and layout of the exam that way you can study accordingly, making sure that you feel the most prepared possible.”

Rihanna Chesser, a sophomore Biology major, is trying out a new idea of eating while studying a certain subject. “I heard that if you eat chocolate while studying, then have little chocolate candies while taking the exam, then it will help your brain recall the information better.”

Taryan Robinson, a junior Chemistry and Biology major, agrees with Chesser’s new thought process of studying. “I chew gum while studying and then also the same flavor while taking the exam.” Robinson said. “It worked for me!”

Jade Jones, a health and sports science major, said she spends about three hours a week studying for finals. “Flash cards are the key when studying for finals,” Jones said. “That and putting headphones in, with some music playing, helps when studying for finals.”

Jessica Tebow, another health and sports science major, said, “I stay up studying until at least two in the morning when it comes time for finals.”

Yet another health and sports science major, whose name is Jacob Vap, said the amount of time studying varies depending on how hard the class is. “For the most part, I’ll spend four or five hours for every final studying or at least one hour for classes that not much studying is required,” Vap said.
He also said that he wont study past one o’clock because it’s to late for waking up and being prepared for class the next day.

Caden Gacek, a computer science major here on campus, said that when it comes to the difficult classes he limits himself to staying up until twelve thirty or so to study for the finals. If they give him a review sheet, Gacek said he just looks over that. “But if not I make my own outline or note cards so I can review the major points,” Gacek said.

Vap said he does the same as Gacek but his rutine for studying for finals is slightly different. “I like to break my study sessions into like 30 to 45 minute sessions, take a break and then come back in a little bit to go back over what I’ve studdied and then study new information,” Vap said. “I try to build off of it each time I take a break and come back to study more.”
However you decide to study for your upcoming finals, best of luck Rangers.