NWOSU has super custodial staff

Marvina Molby can be found sweeping the floors of Vinson Hall most early weekday mornings. She has been a custodian at Northwestern for six years. National Custodian Worker’s Recognition day on Monday, is a time to recognize the men and women who keep schools and businesses running smoothly. Northwestern’s custodians work all over campus and normally start their days early in the morning. Molby has been cleaning Vinson Hall for a little over a year.

“The first time I had this building I did not realize they had the haunted house down stairs,” Molby said. “It scared the bajeebees out of me when I went down there right after Halloween.”Molby might not have too many days off, but when she does, she said she likes to sit, sleep and eat. Jon Mcalpin started working for Northwestern last May. He cleans the science building and also helps clean Ament Hall. “My job is pretty relaxed,” Mcalpin said. “I like the family atmosphere at Northwestern; everyone is really friendly.


It is just a really good place to work.” Mcalpin says he isn’t a morning person, so he doesn’t enjoy coming to work so early, but he is getting acclimated. He always starts cleaning the science building by six a.m. With all the cleaning Mcalpin does, he has found some things to be surprising. “The amount of clothing I find left behind when I clean out the dorms really surprises me,” Mcalpin said.

In his free time, Mcalpin is a family man who spends time with his son.


Leslee Bradt has worked for Northwestern for six years. He has worked in many buildings on campus including: Industrial Education, Library and the Wellness Center. Bradt said the Fine Arts building, which is the one he cleans now, is his favorite while the Wellness Center was his least favorite, but only because it was a lot of work. Bradt said the best part of his job is getting to meet new people, but cleaning up people’s messes is his least favorite part. While he spends his early mornings and most days on campus, he works for other people whenever he gets days off.