Why observe fake national holidays

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I have seen calendars and have had updates about National Days a lot the past few months. Like National Chocolate Milk Day, National Double Cheeseburger day, and National Talk Like a Pirate Day and they had me thinking. Why is this a trend and who gets to come up with such arbitrary days. No these days are not federally declared a holiday. Americaninno.com stated, “Today mayors, cities, towns and states can declare their own.” Yes you can declare a holiday but that doesn’t mean others will observe it. A pair of friends created “National Talk like a pirate day” in 2002. Over the years, it has gained in popularity. You can give your suggestions to sites like nationaldaycalendar.com and they will consider your ideas when making and advertising new holidays. Though I feel it is weird to have random holidays with no significant. I do think some of them are fun to observe and sometimes places such as restaurants and businesses will join in and give you a discount for observing the different holidays. National Public Lands Day is on September 24 this year and admission is free for all national parks, as well as national forests and many state parks. There is also National Coffee day on the 29th at Krispy Kreme they will be giving away free small coffee and a free original glazed doughnut (At participating locations) and at Dunkin’ Donuts you will be able to purchase a 66-cent medium hot coffee. Some of the National days coming up are: National Coffee day on the 29th and National Public Lands Day on the 30th, In October there is: National Homemade Cookie day on the 1st, National Custodial Workers day on the 2nd National Boyfriend day on the 3rd and National Walk to school day on the 4th.