Participation lacking

By TAYLOR MORRIS, Student Reporter

The Student Athlete Advisory Committee was planning on hosting a chili cook off to benefit the Make-A-Wish foundation this past Saturday. It was suppose to be an event jam-packed with some friendly competition, taste testing, drinks, and desserts for students to take part in and enjoy. However, once again due to a lack of student participation another event on Northwestern’s campus was cancelled. According to Student Government Association (SGA) president Nick Villalobos, the issue of low student participation has actually always been present since he has been associated with SGA. Last spring there was supposed to be a ranger lip sync battle challenge event that would have groups of students around campus compete with one another by lip syncing and performing an appropriate song of their choice. The prize for the first place was $200; the prize for second was $100. Nonetheless, that event was canceled due to a lack of student participation. Now, the question is why is there such low student participation on Northwestern’s campus? When asked some students on campus believe that it could be plain laziness of the student body, some students believe that some people are too busy and occupied with work and school to attend on campus events, while others believe that the events held on campus are frankly uninteresting and not worth attending. However, Dean of Student Affairs Calleb Mosburg has a concept of his own. “ What interest students five years ago, six years ago don’t necessarily interest students that are here right now and it’s a continual change and interest of what students want to do.” Mosburg said. “And you see that in social media where we started from Facebook, to Twitter, to Snapchat and things that continually move on and that shift has happened within three years.” So, maybe it is the ever-changing technological age that is keeping students from participating with events on Northwestern’s campus. Maybe some students don’t see the point in going out and engaging in face-to-face communication when they can easily communicate with people through a screen.  Nonetheless, Mosburg says that SGA is always willing to take feedback from students on what they are interested in and what they would like to do. Villalobos still urges student to go out and participate in not only SGA events, but events held by various clubs and organizations held on campus throughout the semester. “Take a break from homework, get out of the dorms, look up from your phones and get involved. I guarantee you want regret it.” Villalobos said.