Ranger football holds springtime scrimmage

By DOCKER HAUB, Student Reporter

The Northwestern Oklahoma State football team had their spring football game April 22.  The spring game was held at Ranger Field and started at 7 p.m.

The Rangers were split up into two different teams: the red team and the black team.  The game consisted of 2 quarters with a 15 minute stopping clock and 2 quarters with a 15 minute running clock.

To start the game, the kickoff unit ran a rep of kickoff on air.  Punt and kickoff return were also ran on air simultaneously throughout the game.

The black team put the first points on the board early in the first quarter, scoring off of a completed pass from Isiah Weed to Dashawn Gordon.  The red team remained scoreless for most of the first quarter until a late TD pass from Mike Neal to Docker Haub tied the game at 7.

In the second quarter, the black team broke away with a 14-7 lead over the red team right before half-time coming off a TD pass from Ty Hooper to Jamar Morris.

After half, the red team tied the game back up late in the third quarter from a TD pass from Mike Neal to Kerry Hall.  The game remained tied until late in the fourth quarter when a running TD from Dake Reese put the black team ahead 21-14 over the red team.  The black defense was able to hold off the offense for the red unit and a late red-zone interception by Mike Thompson sealed the win for the black team.