Reasons why you should give blood


Caitlyn Pray

Student Columnist


Readers may or may not be aware that there is a blood drive to be held on the Alva Northwestern campus. Along with that event comes the inevitable question that follows: should you give blood? Of course, if you are lucky enough to have tattoos, have had the chicken pox in the last three weeks or have some fatal illness this question does not pertain to you. It’s designated only for the unfortunate many that are healthy, active and happen to have a plentiful blood supply.

Based on my negative connotation, you might guess that my opinion on the donation of blood is not very high, but that actually couldn’t be farther from the truth.

I highly encourage and think it is the noblest thing in the world to give blood. My roommate, a budding phlebotomist (which, by the way, means she wants to draw blood for a living) says she gave blood as early as she could as an adult and every time she donates it makes her feel good and is one of the best feelings in the world to her. It is for that very reason and the essential purpose of donating to those in need and to save lives that I think donating blood is a marvelous thing and one of the actual blessings that have sprouted out of the 21st century. My only exception to this logic is to please, whatever you do, just don’t ask me.

Needles and blood and I have never gotten along. I can perform needle arts, but that is as far as anything in those two categories has taken me. I don’t know why, but at the sight of anything having to do with blood or needles or medical treatment, I start to get incredibly nervous and resemble an anxious thoroughbred at a starting line. I absolutely abhor needs—blood even more—and thus an event like a blood drive, no matter its ethical nobility, does not appeal to me.

For all those who are much braver than I am (Which I’m sure includes 95% of the student body), I highly encourage you to consider giving blood though. It sounds gross, icky, and like something that you might rather not spend your time on, but the truth of the fact is that by giving of your simple sample you are actually benefiting a whole world chain. By your simple gesture of thoughtfulness and generosity, you not only give to the people who are in severe need, but also impact your friends to consider doing the same in one gesture or another.

Blood donation isn’t something many like to talk about (I am definitely a prime example of that), but to those who are willing, I encourage you to consider the option and what it might do to influence people towards good, help those in severe need and even save a life. So, go ahead, donate blood, ask your friends to support you, stand by you and help you. I encourage you in all your consideration and activism towards this noble cause, but please, whatever you do, just don’t ask me.