Science, intelligent minds, ‘Pure Genius’

By DEITRA WEDD, Staff Writer

Wouldn’t it be great to know if a coma patient was capable of being brought out of the coma, or even better what if we could communicate with the person in a coma?

Well Pure Genius is a medical drama about a man who elicits the help of a surgeon, who recently lost his job, to work for his technology advanced hospital.

In this technology based hospital communicating with coma patients is a possibility along with so many other possibilities thanks to the high tech electronics.

James Bell (Augustus Prew) uses technology in his hospital, in a way that has never before been done, to save the lives of his patients and perhaps to even find a cure for his own bad genes.

At first Dr. Walter Wallace (Dermot Mulroney) is wary about working with the very pushy James Bell, because he is concerned about Bell’s motives. Dr.

Wallace also has some doubts about basing medical treatments off of what a smart computer tells him.

However, Dr. Wallace soon comes around as he sees the incredible opportunities that this new technology gives to help patients survive. With a higher chance of saving lives Wallace is ready to become a part of the team.