Seniors close a chapter


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Photo Provided

In just nine short days, nine Mass Communication seniors will be walking across the stage to become a part of the newest graduates of Northwestern Oklahoma State University.

This moment is what every student, who enters college, hopes and prays for. We spend four plus years of hard time, working toward a diploma that can provide a brighter future for ourselves.

From the beginning, we knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but we knew what we had to do. Many late-nights were spent working on newspaper layouts and packaging vo/b-roll for the television and radio station. Our dedication to keeping this program a legacy became our main concern. Mass Communication provided us with the knowledge we needed to succeed.

We grew as individuals and as a family (a tad dysfunctional but none the less a family). During our studies, we have not only been there to support each other but have had amazing professors to push us along the way. They are the real MVP’s for helping us reach our full potential.

We have been given every opportunity possible to be who we wish to be. This department allows us to be creative and push boundaries to exceed expectations.

Many of us may not know what lies ahead, after we take those final steps, as undergraduates, but we have had a great foundation and support to keep us moving forward. While the Mass Communication students get ready to depart, we leave behind our wisdom and guidance to our fellow predecessors who will soon take our place.

So, when the clock strikes 10:30 on the morning of May 6th, we will join the others who are graduating, during the commencement ceremony to celebrate our past, present and future. For on that day, the Mass Communication students will close this chapter of our lives, and break free into the world unknown.

Flip to page 5-6 and take-a-look at the Mass Comm Nine: Breaking Free. This is a special senior feature dedicated to the nine Mass Communication seniors who have worked tirelessly on Northwestern News over their college careers.