SGA President talks about life, Northwestern

Student Writer

Northwestern is a place that is bound for success.

Many people here are driven and hold a very bright light toward leadership, like our Student Government Association president, Kaitlyn O’Toole.

Kaitlyn is senior health and sports science major from Watauga, Texas. She is involved in many organizations here at Northwestern, holding presidency in the Student Government Association and Student Athlete Advisory Committee. She is also very active in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Kaitlyn is a person full of the utmost positive energy, smiling at everyone and sharing kindness everywhere. Being a Ranger to Kaitlyn is very personal and carries many meanings to her life.

“Being a Ranger is being fearless, prideful, caring and being a family,” Kaity said. “One of the greatest meanings of all of those is being family. The town, the university, the professors, the students, the faculty, everyone on this campus shows what family is. I have seen this campus come together as a family for many different things, and it is extremely inspiring.”

Kaitlyn has accomplished many things in our student government. The main things she strives for is getting the students more involved and helping the students recognize what the people not only at the university do but what the community does for them as well. Kaitlyn plans to stay at Northwestern, get her master’s, and hopefully return back to Texas long term, carrying on her positivity and leadership skills to the high school in her hometown.

Having leaders like Kaitlyn at our university is a key component in getting more people involved and the making of more leaders.

Everyone has a spirit animal, whether you have thought about it or not. Everyone has characteristics that can be directly related to some animal.

When asked, Kaitlyn said: “My spirit animal is an eagle. I have always aspired to possess the qualities of an eagle. They are fearless, they’re tenacious, they possess vitality, and many other aspects. I wouldn’t say that I possess all of these qualities but I do try to live up to every single one of their characteristics.”

Standing out and making a difference is something Kaitlyn has done and is doing here at Northwestern. She is a person that many can look up to with her leadership qualities.