SSA reorganizes

By CAPRI GAHR, Student Reporter

What is the SSA?

The SSA stands for Secular Student Alliance and acts as an umbrella organization for students with the Free Thought Movement. Anyone who agrees with the promotion of free speech and expression is welcome to join and be active in the group.

NWOSU has an SSA group that has participated in group exercises and community service in recent years.  The group has been inactive this year due to low participation.

In 2013 Dr. Aaron Place organized the group to be a discussion based club, meeting to discuss and debate certain controversial topics without fear of censorship or limitations in speech. It evolved into a community service-based group.

In the past, the SSA has participated in community projects like painting houses and conducting food drives with the help of the Presbyterian church. They have also been in charge of the haunted house and corresponded with other groups to help with campus cleanups. The group hopes to be active again in the upcoming year and provide the services to students and the community once again.

Matt Schneider, a graduate of NWOSU, was an officer for the group for three years and currently is helping re-organize the group. “Our major goal is to set aside our differences of beliefs in order to work together and improve the world around us.”