Tips for Ghost Hunting

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Everyone has their own way of celebrating Halloween. Whether it’s with decorations, dressing up in costumes and trick or treating, sneaking around corners to spook their friends, or pulling practical jokes on friends, family, and strangers alike. We all have our own way of showing our Halloween spirit, including activities like ghost hunting.

Most people think of ghost hunting as an excuse to scare their friends, and it is, but for others it’s a serious exercise as they try to find proof of what lies beyond the veil of the living. For the ones who want to try to find proof, or simply to see if there’s a ghost living your basement, here are a quick few tips that will help.

First off, be prepared. If you plan on staying overnight, or even for a few hours, in a place that you believe is haunted, wear something comfy. Favorite tennis shoes, a warm jacket, and maybe a hat so bugs don’t get in your hair will go a long way. Also, bring something to eat and drink. Most importantly, bring the right equipment. A simple 33mm camera, and a voice recorder will do great for beginners. Don’t go too pricy if this is a onetime thing.

Secondly, do your research. Even if you are investigating your own house, look up facts about the place before you plan to investigate there. Don’t go in blindly when you can do a quick search on Google or ask questions from the owners of the place.

Third, go with a group. The number one rule of any ghost hunt is to never investigate by yourself. For one, it’s more fun to investigate with other people than it is by yourself, but it’s also far safer to be in a group. That way if there is malicious energy, there’s less of a chance it will single you out.

Fourth, ask permission before you investigate a haunted place. The last thing you want to deal with is getting arrested because you’re trespassing. And finally, be cautious and stay safe. It’s Halloween, not a horror movie but a fun holiday that is full of laughs, treats, and tricks. If it doesn’t feel right then don’t do it. There are plenty of other things happening to occupy your time. If it does, than be cautious, and remember to have a good time.