Triggers and Outlets for Mental Health


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Mental Health is a subject I feel is never talked about enough even though many people struggle with it. Everything from depression and anxiety to bulimia, anorexia and PTSD. Everyone should feel able to talk about his or her problems and know the correct outlets to go get help. Even if you are not struggling yourself, you should know the best way to help someone who is. What can affect your mental health? In high school, you have multiple situations that can trigger your mental health. The stressor of making good grades to get in college. Maintaining relationships and keeping friendships, extracurricular, and sports. The transition from High school to College can be a stressor for many and it can cause students to fall into anxiety and depression. Not only is it the first time that you are on your own but the struggle to make new friends but they also have to manage time between clubs, sports and homework, and trying to achieve the high expectations set by other students or teachers. All of this can pile on top of each other and feel like weights holding you down and it can be a trigger for anxiety, depression, eating disorders and thoughts of suicide.No one should feel that their only choice is to fight this battle alone. Right Now, the media is playing a huge part in showing those struggling that they are not alone. Celebrities like Lady Gaga and Demi Lovato have announced how they have struggled with their own mental illness Dear Evan Hansen, a Broadway musical touches on the subjects of suicide, drug addiction and social Anxiety and shows that “We are not alone, none of us.”

At Nwosu, students can seek help in the student success center with Bailey Trammel. She can help any student or faculty member who needs help with Personal issues and concerns, Time management, Stress, Relationship problems, Loneliness, Homesickness, Adjustment issues, Crisis response and has connections if you need referred for depression, anxiety, substance abuse, grief, trauma, dating and sexual violence, other personal and mental health concerns. I do feel that Nwosu does a good job with informing the students who to go to for help but there is never too many reminders. I also think that we should be taught about how is the best way to help a friend struggling with these issues. I have personally seen a close friend struggle with anxiety and depression. Most of the time the best thing I could give her was a shoulder to cry on and listen and talk her through her problem. Sometimes we just sat in silence and watched Disney movies. If you know anyone who is or might be struggling with a mental illness give them the information they need and show them they are not alone. It is really important that they have an outlet to get help and they feel they have a safe environment to do so.