Two paths, one story

By NICK VILLALOBOS, Editor in Chieffeet

There are two type of people in this world; those who walk on sidewalks and those who walk on the grass.

The two are both different and alike in many ways.

Beginning with how they are different, those who walk on the sidewalk usually follow the path that a man made for them in form of a concrete pathway. Those that walk on the grass, however, carve their own path and opt out of following the masses.

Another difference is in their shoes. In the words of Forrest Gump, “You can tell a lot about a person by their shoes, where they going, where they been.”

For those who walk on the sidewalk, their shoes usually don’t show signs of little to no external blemishes. They are nice, neat and well kept on the outside. The inside of the shoe tells a different story though. They show where the pressures are on the underpart of the foot.

For those who walk on the grass, their shoes show signs of external struggle, whether that be in the form of a ripped toe on the tip of the shoe or a little mud that has dried to the side of it. They show the challenges that he or she has faced while carving their own path.

Those who walk on the sidewalk enjoy the comforts of this world, while those who walk on the grass have to endure the challenges along the path they chose to carve out on their own.

In addition to the contrasts between the two people, there are also many similarities as well.

One similarity that the two types of people have is that they are both going somewhere, whether it be to class, work or home. Both people are destined to go somewhere.

Another similarity is that the two are wearing shoes. Many places in this world are so underdeveloped that shoes are a scarcity. With both types of people wearing shoes, they show how blessed they truly are.

The last similarity between the two types of people is that they are people and whether it be shown externally or internally on the shoe, they face the same challenges in life.

To conclude, there are two types of people in this world; those who walk on the sidewalk and those who walk on the grass. One walks on the paved, pre-made pathway, and the other paves their own way with each step they take. They both wear shoes though and they both have their own blemishes, whether they be on the inside or the outside. They also both have a destination in which they are going to even if the paths they walk down are not the exact same.