‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 7 Paid off

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Once Upon a Time’s seventh  season has started, and so far the reboot of the series has certainly paid off.The new characters work perfectly well in the new city environment, as well as the show in of itself. Older Henry is far more compelling and put too much better use than the younger Henry we all know and love.


The new Cinderella finally gets to be at fore front of the show, and is portrayed as a hardened woman who will never back down from a fight. Then there’s Alice, a different version from the Once Upon a Time in Wonderland spin off, and she definitely has more of the Mad Hatter vibe than the original


Alice did. So many new characters and stories can finally be explored, but let’s not forget about those from the original cast that are still around. Hook is a good cop who’s trying to do his best, and searching for something that he doesn’t realize he’s lost.


Rumpelstiltskin is back to his old ways, yet there’s something different about him all the same.

Then there’s Regina, who now owns a bar and is far more relaxed and carefree than she has been in the entire series.


The former heroes of Story Brooke and the heroes of many other fairytales are all in one place. How is that? A curse as per the natural order of things that occur in the TV show. The real question is why? Why are all of these people in Seattle? What happened in the Enchanted Forest that made the curse happen?


Does it have something to do with the new villain in town, Cinderella’s evil step mother?

However; the most important question of all, what will happen next when we see what happened

to Hook and Emma in the next episode? Stay tuned to find out.