‘Vanities’ Opens theater season Thursday


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She plays a ditsy girl who just wants to get married, but in her actual life she is far from the character she plays.

Erin Davis, a senior communications major, has spent lots of time on stage at Herod Hall; she has done at least five productions if not more. With all time spent on stage, Hopkins-Davis, along with the other cast members, has put in lots of time preparing.

“I knew it was going to take a lot of time, “Davis said. “So I made sure I had my schedule ready to go where I was getting off work at certain times so I could be at rehearsals and dedicate the amount of time I needed to be in a production like this.”

Shelbi Morland, a sophomore mathematics major, is also a member of the cast although unlike Davis, she hasn’t ever been in a play before.

“I didn’t think it would be as time consuming as a sport,” Morland said, “But it has been more time consuming than any sport I have ever done.”

Morland said for the past 2 months they have been practicing four to five days a week at least three hours every evening.

Beyond the practice, the cast members also had to do a character analysis, which is when they create a back story for the their characters in order to better understand why they act certain ways.

Davis said: “It has been really fun getting to play [a different character] because I am usually cast as a stronger, smarter character who is always the leader. This time I am playing the stupid one who just wants to get married and have kids. She is always the oddball out who doesn’t understand. There are a lot of humorous things that I do, and it has been really fun to play that character.”

For other cast members, they are a lot better fit with their character.

Karlie Osborn said, “For those who watch the show, I think they will be able to tell it has been lots of hours worth of memorization and work, but becoming the character for me wasn’t super hard just because I feel like my character fits me so well.”

The message this play conveys is one the cast members say will be relatable.

Davis said, “ I really like the message of the play…I hope that people will identify with it, and I think that people of all ages can, but I also like the humor of it.”

For Davis, this play will serve as her last hurrah.

Davis said: “I wanted to audition because I have always loved theater. I have been raised around theater my whole life…I wanted to audition to give myself a last shebang, and the chance to be around fine arts people for one last time because they really are some of the best people.”