With ‘dead week’ approaching, columnist says to reflect on life instead

Sports Editor

Another year has come and gone here at Northwestern. Or has almost come and gone.

The last few innings or the championship rounds, one might say, have just begun for students and faculty.

For students these last few weeks mean one of two things. Either it means that they must conjure up some type of clutch performance in their classes to just pull off a passing grade, or for the students who have dominated their semester thus far, it means that they must continue their performance.

For faculty these last few weeks can mean heartbreak as they watch student after student break under the pressure and decide to drop from their class. Or it might mean success as each student pulls off the winning strategy right in the knick of time and passes their class.

For me, however, these last few weeks mean a time of reflection (and continuing a dominating performance, of course).

If you don’t take time to look back at what all has taken place in your life over this past school year, then you might be missing out on why you are pushing so hard in these last few weeks.

Whether the times have been good or bad, the times we have here in college should be kept near and dear to our hearts, unless the times are only full of slacking and doing careless things all semester.

If they are full of just those things, then I would suggest just get through these last weeks by doing the best you can and get back home to rest and reset before next fall.

But as for you students who have made tons of awesome memories and awesome new friends and family this school year, then don’t hesitate to stop and take time to reflect on it all.

Take it all in. Smile. Cry a little if that’s how much each memory has meant for you, and then let that be the reason you put on that clutch performance in these late weeks as well as the reason you want to come back in the fall.

Let each and every moment, happy or sad, be the reason you push hard here at the end.