National Cheeseburger Day





I asked, “What makes the best double cheeseburger and where do you get it from?”


Jacob Ross of Canton Oklahoma: “It has got to have mustard, and I get it from my dad’s house. My dad makes a pretty mean burger.”

Bell’s favorite cheeseburger from Sonic.








Earl W. Bell III a junior from Alva and a computer science major with a minor in business: “Bacon, no vegetables”  “Sonic has the best cheeseburgers.”

Ladasheray Bell from Alva concurrent student kinesiology major: “If it is juicy and it has to have cheese, bacon and barbeque sauce on it makes it all just right, and if you toast the buns.” “In and Out” (best place to get a burger)


Kevin Ford Sophomore from Norway Mass Communication Major: “Onions, melted cheese, lettuce and bacon on top of the cheese. Add a little sizzle and some smokey barbeque sauce. Hard Rock Café has a barbecue burger that is off the chain. Whataburger has some good burgers, but it is better to make your own. Don’t go to any other place because they give you false burgers. You have got to make your own. Then you can finesse it. Burgers back home are not like they are in the states. If I get a homemade burger from here it is ten times better. The burgers back home are decent, but if you don’t have that recipe and know how to work them then they aren’t quite as good.”